1 App to Read and Retain More in Less Time — With Highlighting, Notes and Sync.

5 min readAug 18, 2023

Some apps and services often take multiple attempts to get into.

This app is a perfect example of that for me, which is why facing a blank slate, an empty void, or a blank page is so hard.

Structure and prompts are rife in garbage mobile games, but in things that actually matter, they are often lacking. Intuition and seeking out instructions are expected. God forbid we should have to read.

Examples of this for me include:

  1. Things 3
  2. Notion
  3. Readwise Reader

All of these are services that I gave up on, feeling lost or uninspired, but came back to. I now love all of these after giving them time to flourish.

It is door number 3 that we go behind today with the fantastic Readwise Reader.

Readwise Reader is the ultimate place to spend my leisure time and still get great, rewarding results. It never feels like a waste.

So what makes Readwise Reader so good?




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