3 Productivty Tips that Made Things Worse

4 min readSep 12, 2023

Productivity tips are everywhere, and sometimes the search for such meta-improvements can get in the way of actually getting your tasks done.

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I am as guilty of this as anybody, and I have found more tips and techniques that don’t work for me than those that have.

So what failed me?

I will try to help you today, as I try to do in all my writing.

1. Time Blocking

Yes, I am starting off with what some consider the holy grail.

Time blocking is just too restrictive for me.

By the time I get into something, my time block is up. Or the opposite happens, where I have more time than needed.

Now I know what people say. Just adjust it as you go along.

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But then this becomes a chore and a task in itself.




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