3 Productivty Tips that Made Things Worse

4 min readSep 12, 2023

Productivity tips are everywhere, and sometimes the search for such meta-improvements can get in the way of actually getting your tasks done.

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I am as guilty of this as anybody, and I have found more tips and techniques that don’t work for me than those that have.

So what failed me?

I will try to help you today, as I try to do in all my writing.

1. Time Blocking

Yes, I am starting off with what some consider the holy grail.

Time blocking is just too restrictive for me.

By the time I get into something, my time block is up. Or the opposite happens, where I have more time than needed.

Now I know what people say. Just adjust it as you go along.

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But then this becomes a chore and a task in itself.

For me, it becomes a hassle, though there is one benefit to time blocking. Over time, it helps you manage and judge your time better.

Perhaps doing this over a far greater period of time will benefit me more, so only time will tell.

2. Eat the frog

If you don’t know, eating the frog is about doing the worst or hardest thing first.

The idea is that your day will be worse for putting it off and dreading getting to that task later in the day, if ever.

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But for me, I find that the niggling effect of having small, if less important, tasks waiting for me is just too much of a distraction.

So instead, I spend around 30–40 minutes at the start of every day blitzing all




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