7 Alternative Apps You Should Probably Try

7 min readNov 6, 2022

It is very easy to just use the most popular apps. After all, there is likely a reason for their popularity and in a networked world, it is even easier to be encouraged to go one way or the other.

But sometimes, the gold is in the hills where few people have yet to mine. That is why I have even more suggestions of lesser used apps for you to try.

(1) Twos App — This is a great app for just getting stuff down as quickly as possible, from small notes to tasks and more. It offers great search functions as well as AI for scheduling. You can create lists from templates or make them completely from scratch using effective, standard bullet points, tasks, numbered lists or anything else you could need.

Twos App has a fantastically different approach and feel than most other news apps I have tried this year in the productivity sector. As a result, experimentation and building familiarity with the way it works is key to knowing if Twos is right for you.

I think that Twos is working for me, but in ways I don’t quite understand yet, being that I keep coming back to experiment, play and see what I can do pretty much daily. That says something, as often if something doesn’t click, I move on and try again in the future. But Twos keeps dragging me back, but in a good way.

(2) Twobird — Similar sounding but very different from the above Twosapp. Twobird aims to solve work issues through removing clutter and keeping things organised. It handles your email, while adding fantastic features such as priority, fast unsubscribe and notification control. The design of email threads also leans towards chat-style messaging, as also handled by Spike below.


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