7 Black Sheep Apps You Probably Don’t Use

5 min readSep 27, 2022

There are some apps or services that are absolute gold, yet few people have heard of them, let alone use them. It is a shame really, because sometimes these lesser known apps can be better than the mainstream options, but for a miriad of reasons, some get left behind. Here are some that deserve more.

WARNING: Prices at the time of writing were subject to extreme fluctuations due to the £ losing value quickly against the $. By the time of publication, $1 will probably be worth around £675,341. Just so you know :)

(1) Sorted3 $14.99 iOS and $24.99 macOS one-off purchases— This is a very good looking, crisp schedule manager/to do app. But there is more to it than that. Sorted’s key feature is the autoschedule, which essentially makes your day for you, providing you give it the correct information. So tell it what you need to get done, how long things will take and Sorted schedule your day. You can customize things to an extent, such as with regular repeating tasks. The basic version is free, with the Pro being a one-off of $14.99 on iOS or $24.99 on macOS.

(2) Fastmail $3 to $9 per month — So few people seem to have heard of this, but I still use it as an alternative to my Proton Mail. Since being completely redeveloped, Fastmail is an absolutely beautiful and smooth experience with mail, calendar, notes and storage. Whether in a browser or on the app, it runs so nicely that I think other email providers could really learn something from it. This is how it should look and feel. Okay? Good.


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