7 Most Used Apps of 2022

6 min readDec 13, 2022

I have added a few apps to my stack this year but some old ones are still very much in use. Here are the 7 which I open the most.

(1) Instapaper — Clean bookmarking

This is the year I discovered Instapaper. Well, I always knew of it but never really saw the value, yet this year was different. I’ve been using Pocket for many years, and I don’t see much of an issue with it, except for the additional features built into Instapaper, such as speed reading and the way it handles articles.

Adding things to Instapaper is second nature to me now. I browse and quickly click or share to Instapaper and move on. Then, when I have spare time or want to look into what I found interesting earlier in the day, I flick through, reviewing, reading or deleting as I deem necessary.

These couple of differences, along with spending just a little more time with it, made me finally see what others have seen for so long. That is, Instapaper is so popular for a reason: it is a fantastic product.

An example from my 2nd Instapaper account

(2) Things 3 — To-do, tasks and lists

hings contains almost everything I require in a to-do and small task manager.I put nearly everything through it, from immediate tasks to habits and leisure activities. It really does dictate my day and it is the first port of call for ideas and questions. Much of what I enter ends up duplicated in more specific apps such as those below, but there is nothing quite like a simple list maker with the advanced features that Things offers.

All that, besides the fact that it is simple, lovely to use and look at. I really look forward to the day Things 4 is announced.

I also run Twos App alongside Things 3 for now, as I really think that Twos provides much of the functionality and more, but something like a to-do app is so key and vital to me that it will take a while for me to assess if the switch is truly worthwhile. But I have no doubt that if I were starting out with to-do and task management now, I


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