7 Subscriptions I Added In 2022 and 3 I’m Thinking About

4 min readMay 22, 2022

In 2022 I have continued discovering, testing, and more importantly revisiting various apps, services, and subscriptions that I wasn’t a subscriber of. But now I have changed my mind on some of them. In 2021, if you had told me that I would dust off my wallet and pay for these subscriptions I would have laughed at you but here we are.

So these are the 7 subscriptions that I subscribe to in 2022 that I didn’t in 2021 with 3 more that I am thinking about. Note: Some of these costs have been converted from USD to GBP so may vary by region and exchange rate.


YouTube Premium $11.99 or £11.99/month — I am a heavy YouTube user. I watch or listen for 6+ hours per day and the ability to have it play in the background while my phone is locked is highly valued to me. No adverts must save me an hour per week as well as not having to be exposed to even more marketing

Google One cloud storage £$19.99 or £15.99 USD/year— I now pay for cloud storage. Yes, it has finally caught up with me, likely much later than most of you but with the 100GB package, it is well worth the cheap cost. Sharing it with a family group makes it even easier. Most importantly I use the offline storage feature on the PC app so I can run some portable applications from within the Google Drive which requires localization. I originally had these programs solely in Dropbox or Sync for that reason but this works just great.

Fastmail $72 or £58/year— There are dozens of us I say. Linked to my Google account. Looks great, and runs fast. Custom domains. Good organization. Healthy extra storage. Notes, calendar, and file storage are built into the same app effectively.

Pocket Casts Plus podcast app $11.99 or £9.70/year — The only reason I kept my Spotify subscription over other music streaming was having podcasts as…


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