7 Subscriptions I Added In 2023 and 3 I’m Thinking About

5 min readMay 17, 2023

A good subscription can make a real difference.

I kept learning about, trying out, and — most importantly — revisiting various subscriptions, services, and apps in 2023 that I wasn’t a subscriber to.

So these are the 7 subscriptions that I subscribed to in 2023 that I didn’t have in 2022 or let lapse in 2022.

Note: Some of these costs have been converted from USD to GBP, so they may vary by region and exchange rate.


(1) Quillbot Premium $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year — This is almost always open somewhere in a browser for me. Quillbot started as simply a grammar and spelling checker, but with added features such as the extension, plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and co-writer, there is so much value here that I can’t see myself not subscribing for another year.

The free version of Quillbot may just be enough for you, but I won’t be surprised if many of you make the upgrade.

(2) Brain.fm $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year—This is evidence-backed, custom-made music designed for multiple purposes, from deep work to creativity and more. There is something worrisomely effective about Brain.fm, and it is a constant during much of my deep work. If anything, it has become a key part of my routine, and if it helps me get stuff done, that is all I really care about.

(3) Rise Science $4.99 per month (paid yearly)— Rise is primarily about tracking your sleep and energy patterns. It helps to assess your energy peaks and troughs throughout the day and can therefore help you plan your day for peak efficiency. With an ongoing sleep debt automatically calculated, it will provide you with a constant goal to get enough rest.




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