9 Tips from Moving House 13 Times in 15 Years

3 min readMar 10, 2023

Learn from our mistakes and follow our advice.

Photo by Travel-Cents on Unsplash

The first thing everyone wants to know is why?

We simply got the chance to move over and over again, and instead of feeling scared of the change, the hassle, or the cost, we just did it.

We zigzagged up the property ladder, even while renting originally, and it was always for a better option that we didn’t regret.

What did we learn?

  1. Moving all your stuff without hiring help is great even though it feels like a nightmare — But we would do it again. Even now with a large house full of stuff, we still think that with just myself and my SO, we can do it, heavy furniture and appliances included.
  2. Moving makes you clear stuff out — We have no fear in giving away or throwing away things. This is the complete opposite of my parent’s generation who saw sunk-cost value in everything. But moving will make you seriously consider what is worth something to you and what is just clutter.




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