Do You Need 7 Note Taking Apps Like Me?

Why I Use Drafts, Bear, Apple Notes, Google Keep, Craft, Notion and Even Things 3 for Note Taking and Planning

3 min readDec 7, 2021


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Yes, yes. I really do use them all and the answer really is obvious too.

Let me distract you by talking about learning to code. A common question in this field is people asking “What programming language should I learn?” or “Do I really need to learn Javascript as well as Python, Java or Ruby?”.

The analogy often answered with is that you use the best tool for the job.

This meaning that a hammer isn’t great for screws and a screwdriver isn’t very good at all for nails so should you just struggle on orlearn how to use both?

Which brings me back to the apps I use so here we go with how and why I use each one.

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash
  1. Drafts Quick capture of notes. Pretty much quicker than anything else, even quick notes in Apple Notes now across various devices. I pretty much solely use it for capturing notes on my phone as I read or do other creative work. I don’t like many of the other uses although I have not dived too deep. The cheap subscription is worth it just to sync across devices for me. I then translate and transfer my quick notes from there.
  2. Bear — Mostly text planning, short pieces of writing and temporary planning such as for videos and articles with key points expanded.
  3. Apple Notes — When I want a quick structured note that is short and concise. I also write my full scripts for videos on here and use it as a source for a teleprompter app if needed.
  4. Google Keep Permanent mini notes. Sticky notes. Someone needs some specific detail for my company or the phone number for something. I have a load of notes, each with a different colour showing key facts about these areas of my life such as numbers, codes, alternative email addresses used for different reasons, VAT numbers etc.
  5. Craft — My second brain. I also now use it for writing blog posts and publish directly to Medium through the app. All…




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